The Future of the Schengen Cooperation

6. června 2016 / od 15:30/ Evropský dům, Jungmannova 24, Praha 1

Přijďte s námi posedět v rámci nového formátu debat Café Evropa, které pořádá Zastoupení Evropské komise v ČR a Informační kancelář Evropského parlamentu ve spolupráci s EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

Debatního podvečera s názvem "The Future of the Schengen Cooperation"

se zúčastní: 

Vassilis Ntousas, International Relations Policy Advisor, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Brussels

Kryzstof Bolesta, Director of Research, Polityka Insight, Warsaw


Martin Michelot, Head of Research, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Prague

Is Schengen dead?" may well represent one of the most important questions of 2016. The unravelling of the refugee crisis, which highlighted the unpreparedness of our external border protection system and the lack of workable emergency solutions for our internal borders, forces European leaders to consider new options about Schengen cooperation, especially as fences are erected at some member states' borders. Since Schengen underpins what are Europe's main strengths, the free circulation of goods and people, there is a clear need to find a workable future in order to preserve the fundamentals of what creates prosperity, but also of what holds Europe together. Will Europe accept reverting back to the old system once the numerous exceptions have reached their expiration? Will Europe create a system based on short-term considerations due to the ongoing refugee crisis, or take its time to build a system that offers workable contingencies? What are the economic repercussions of any new plans for border protection?

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