The Future of Europe: Fragmentation?

7. června 2016/ od 18:30/ Evropský dům, Jungmannova 24, Praha 1

Přijďte s námi posedět v rámci nového formátu debat Café Evropa, které pořádá Zastoupení Evropské komise v ČR a Informační kancelář Evropského parlamentu ve spolupráci s EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

Debatního podvečera s názvem "The Future of Europe: Fragmentation?"

se zúčastní: 

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform, London

Vivien Pertusot, Head of IFRI Brussels, French Institute of International Relations, Brussels

Christophe Hillion, Senior Researcher, Swedish Institute for European Studies, Stockholm


Jan Kovář, Chief Analyst, European Values Think-Tank & Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations

Multi-speed Europe, where respective Member States of the EU are integrating at a different pace has been a commonplace since the Maastricht Treaty. With debates about Brexit, Grexit and persisting ambiguity about the future of the Eurozone as well as the Schengen Area talks about fragmentation of the European Union are more intense than ever before. On the other hand proposal for further integration in specific policy fields and initiatives for an enhanced cooperation are also coming up. Some are saying that an “ever closer union” is de facto dead, yet others are still promoting the original federalist ideal. Is fragmentation a negative phenomenon per se for the future of the EU? Can we find a narrative which would allow continuation of differentiated integration, yet kept the EU together? Or has the Rubicon been already crossed concerning disintegration of the Union?

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